BeninvesTRE - Who we are

We are a team of real estate professionals that operates in compliance with the Laws and Rules of the sector only and exclusively on written assignment by the client, using a clear and transparent forms, in compliance with Italian and European directives, filed under Law 39/89.

We use for the promotion of national and international portals, targeted campaigns for each property, because unlike other competitors we do not work on the mass of properties on the market, but on specific niches that represent our core business , differentiating our business that starts from the choice of properties and customers.

We Market Oriented, searching only for those properties with the right product characteristics for our customers already in the portfolio, qualifying our actions and placing the customer at the center of the operational focus.

It is obvious that in this way we select our entire product, but we are very pleased since we believe it is useful and decisive to operate where our skills can enhance the relationship Customer-Professional to our mutual satisfaction, leaving other competitors those sectors and those customers (such as those who prefer to give assignments to multiple agencies, who can not guarantee the quality of their property, who do not intend to give assignments in a clear and precise way) far from our way of operating and conceiving a bilateral relationship true and profitable.

We do not operate for free and we invite you to be wary of who does it, because every profession well done must have a fair economic return, but in the face of a job shared with the customer we assume the business risk of investments related to promotion and communication, certain of their return with the future definition of a sale.

We work every day to be the best, always.


Our company, for its own company policy and in the interest of its proprietary clients, does not usually collaborate with other real estate agents.
A careful selection of customers, such as to have precise references on who is brought to visit the buildings, can not ignore the need to manage in first person the relationship with all customers, which must be built on a basis certain and verifiable and not on trust basis, as we believe it is our duty to bring reliable and reliable customers (who are responsible to the property) verified by us.
That's why, if a colleague wishes to bring a customer to visit a property managed by us, will have to provide us with all data of the same and sign a specific agreement of collaboration, because otherwise every request will not be taken into account.